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Easy Vet

Diego Rodrigues UI / UX Designer

Easy Vet Website Interface by Diego Rodrigues.

Easy Vet

Easy.vet wanted to create a pet shop management system that stood out where most other systems failed: the visual and usability aspect. After extensive research of the market, I tried to identify the main functions the system could offer their clients.


Role: UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Concept development

Year: 2017


My Role

My role was to create all the information architecture, visual and usability part of the application. Easy.vet wanted to keep everything simple, with easy-to-use menus, unlike other applications on the market. The application was developed based on feedback from surveys and tests.


The Challenge

The application has many tools, so the challenge was to keep everything simple with a navigation that would still help the user find what they wanted. Adapting the screens to mobile phones while making navigation easy was also a challenge.


The Result

The final result was a system that maintains all the functionality of a complex system, but with simpler and more intuitive navigation. This helps the user find what they need in a quick and simple way. The system continues to collect user navigation information to provide feedback and make changes if necessary.